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.Dynamic Drive JavaScript Kit
"The primier DHTML code library"
Visit Dynamic Drive, the #1 DHTML destination on the net, for the best DHTML scripts and components to add to your site! Use the scripts, study their source codes, become a DHTML guru.
"The JavaScript technology center"
One of the oldest and most respected JavaScript site, Website Abstraction features beginner to advanced JavaScript tutorials, and over 400+ free scripts!
"Excellent starting point to everything Java™!
Got Java
™? With direct links to hundreds of free Java™ applets, tutorials, resources, and more on the web, your starting point to everything Java™ on the web!
Web coding and development forums
Discuss web coding and development, from JavaScript, PHP, CGI, to CSS and general web building, get help- and give help- on your favorite scripting language.

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